Announcement of Authentication and Authorisation focused 53rd


“We will make Authentication and Authorisation Great Again!
It will be Fantastic!
It will be very, very good!
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(Trump about 53rd

Join Authentication and Authorisation focused event at 16th March 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for Authentication and Authorisation focused 53rd

  • Mārtiņš Ķemme from Autentica will give a talk “Authentication and Authorisation”
    An overview of authentication and authorisation concepts as well as common pitfalls and security issues. We will start with authentication principles and common practices. Then we will explore security issues with different authentication approaches in applications and more importantly – identify countermeasures for them. After that we will look into core rules regarding implementation of authorisation in applications.
    (Language — Latvian)
    Tags: Authentication, Authorisation, Security

Mārtiņš is a senior consultant at Autentica and has extensive experience in software development and IT process design. He holds CISSP, CISM and CPTE certificates in computer security domain.

  • Jānis Kūliņš from Tieto Latvia will give a talk “Client authentication in e-commerce solutions”
    In his presentation, Janis will try to describe current situation and technologies used in online payments, and clients authentication in particular. He will try not to dig too deep into technical details, but to explain basic principles of existing version of 3D Secure protocol and payment system working principles in general.
    Other part of presentation will be dedicated to upcoming changes in online payment industry. New 3D Secure protocol version, industry regulations and card scheme regulations will significantly change way how cardholders interact with payment system and online merchant. It create lot of uncertainty, problems, but also lot of new business opportunities and approaches for system development
    (Language — Latvian)
    Tags: E-comm, 3D Secure, Online payments, 3DS v2.0, Frictionless payments

Jānis is Senior Solution consultant in Tieto Latvia with almost 10 year experience in card business and e-commerce solutions. Janis specializes in 3D Secure solutions which are used for client authentication during internet purchases. Also he provide support for banks and processing centres during new ecomm solution implementations and day to day tasks.

  • Sergii Kulyk from Intrum Justitia SDC will give a talk Security Token Service and Single Sign On Minimal Viable Product with Identity Server for .NET platform
    In order to avoid re-implementing authorization and authentication functionality for each separate application and various portals; and later having challenge with decentralized access rights management; the team had a vision of centralizing access management into one identity provider (autonomous module) which would serve separate applications/portals where users would have SSO experience. As a result of outlined requirements and matching those to several potential options, team have implemented new Minimal Viable Product as Security Token Service with Single Sign On based on open source Authorization Server framework “IdentityServer3”. During talk Sergii will come through most significant puzzled situations on client and server both for classical MVC and modern SPA applications.
    (Language — Russian)
    Tags: Security Token Service, Single Sign On, OpenId,   IdentityServer3, Authentication Flows, MVP, JWT, OWASP

Sergii is a software developer at Intrum Justitia SDC 3 years and last 2 years working for Byjuno payment system startup. He is using .NET tech stack since 2008 for Web and Mobile development


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Intrum Justitia
 is looking for:
– Senior Java Developer
– PL/SQL Developer
– BI Application Analyst for Belgium (based in Riga)


Did you know that recent Tieto Card Suite solution performance tests results showed 10,000 transactions per second for the transactional flow routing solution, and 5,000 tps for the full card authorization solution at an average response time of 0.1 second? Tieto is looking for:
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Finance Controller
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Geta Digital is a international Digital Commerce Agency with offices in Norway, Latvia, Sweden, Netherlands and the U.S. They are looking for
Front-end Developers
Test Engineers


Thanks to our sponsors we are able to make events and have drinks and snacks:
   geta_ehandel_logo4_cut   Intexsys
ALSO-Cloud        Scope Technologies        Tieto       

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