Communication skills and employer branding

We have helped dozens of technology specialists and executives influence their peers, potential employees and customers in a positive way. It has helped them become better at influencing others to follow their lead, to communicate more effectively and attract the right talent to their company.

We now offer the same service to your high potential employees and top performers. Contact us to find out how we can customise the service to your individual needs.

 Basic Gold Platinum
 1/2 day Workshop on communication x  x x
– Video examples of talks (3 good and 3 weak) with comments x x x
– Get to know what is valuable for the audience and focus on providing it x x x
– How to involve in interaction more people from audience x x x
– How to make good slides and increase information perception x x x
– Suggestions how to better communicate with various types of audience x x x
– Support with presentation structure and delivery x x x
Test presentation with feedback and improvement suggestions x x x
A prepared 30 min talk  x x x
In-house talk in front of colleagues  x x x
Feedback on content from technical experts in relevant field x x
A talk at x x
Feedback from audience x x
Video recording and feedback with comments  x x
Professional design of slides x
Individual development plan with active coaching for 12 months x
Two more talks within 12 months at or other communities/conferences x
Better understanding of good communication structure x x x
Improved skills to communicate with different audiences x x x
Improved communication skills and ability to influence others x x x
Improved slide design skills x x x
Hands on experience on talk preparation x x x
Real life presentation experience x x x
Higher confidence for future talks x x x
Video of talk x x
Improved employer branding and recognition x x
Strenghtened communication skills and employer branding x
PRICE 500 950 1950

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