Announcement of DevOps focused 67th


It is already year around since we had previous DevOps event. Since DevOps is probably even hotter then before, we decided to get more people to share their experience with us.

You are welcome at 23th August 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for DevOps focused 67th

    • Deiwin Sarjas from SaleMove will give a talk “Safe and fast delivery with branch deploys” 
      Deiwin will show how he helped SaleMove deliver more value more frequently. Developers now have more confidence in their changes and they have to switch contexts less often. All without sacrificing product stability. Code snippets and examples will demonstrate how Jenkins pipelines, Kubernetes, GitHub, and Slack come together to coordinate a smooth deployment process.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: branch-deploys, continuous-delivery, jenkins, kubernetes.
    • Deiwin has spent years helping European Space Agency process and make sense of massive amounts of data. Passionate about building reliable and maintainable systems both in the small and at scale, he is now working at SaleMove to realize its dream of innovating online customer experience.
    • Sergey Chernecov from Intexsys will give a talk DevOps – culture over separation! Buzz: puppet, aws,, shinny unicorn, no docker.
      I am a developer! I don’t want to think about OS, I/O nor network latency. I want to click-click and profit.”- hearing this makes me sad. when I get sad, I stop being sad, and be AWESOME instead. A true story of a Dev meeting theOps and developing Devops culture together.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: puppet, elastic, haproxyphp, devops, pair-infrastructuring.
    • Sergey is a Software Architect in South Park team at Intexsys, currently mostly interested in enterprise integration patterns, SOA, AWS, Kafka. Favorite comedian: Uncle Bob Martin; Interests outside programming: quantum physics. Working in software development since 2006.
    • Edgars Sēlis from TestDevLab will give a talk “Continuous Testing in Agile Mobile app development”
      – Testing is not a separate phase, it occurs throughout the development
      – Creating test pipelines – challenges to create and maintain them
      – Acceptance test automation – how much to automate; best approaches to keep them stable, managing physical device laboratory
      – Continuous Integration practices – testing branches, using triggers and continuous monitoring/feedback
      (Language – Latvian)
      Tags: Testing, Quality Assurance, Automation, Continuous integrations, Jenkins
    • Edgars is a QA engineer and Team lead, working in TestDevLab for more than 4 years in several different projects all around the world. Has experience in setting up testing process from scratch for Agile teams and managing it. Edgars has Professional Master degree in computer science and several certifications in Testing, Test management and Agile/Scrum.



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    – Mid-level PHP Developer
    – Senior Front-End Developer
    Database Developer


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  • Thanks to our sponsors we are able to make events and have drinks and snacks:

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