Announcement of FinTech focused 70th


You have only one or two credit cards and do not know how they function? Visit FinTech DevClub in order to learn what type of payment products are there and how to benefit from them. You will learn why FinTech is a challenging business and hear from top Baltic companies about how they change the existing status quo.
You are welcome on 6th December at 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for FinTech focused 70th

    • Erik Kaju from TransferWise will give a talk “How to build a payment card product”.
      For a long time payment cards used to be the domain of banks. In the last decade, the paradigm has shifted – we see more and more regular enterprises issuing their own cards, be it telcos, grocery store chains, various fintech startups etc.
      But what does it take to build a payment card from scratch? How do cards work? What is the anatomy of card transactions?
      This is a talk focusing on technical and product aspects of the card issuance, based on true story.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: Payment cards industry, issuance, transaction lifecycle, microservices

      Erik is leading the payment card product engineering at TransferWise. Loves all aspects of product engineering – from validating the market fit, establishing partnerships and negotiating deals, to designing technical architecture, building the team and bringing hyper-growth products to live.

    • Dmitry Buzdin from a-heads consulting will give a talk “How payment cards really work”.
      This talk is an introduction about technical aspects of how payment cards function, what technical protocols are involved and what are implementation complexities in a typical payments project. You will learn about concepts like 3DSecure, Authorisation and Clearing, Tokenization and know about novelties in the payment world, which will affect consumers in the nearest future.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: deep-dive, payments, architecture

      Dmitry is a JUG leader and RigaDevDays founder. Here you can read his interview about Latvian IT and conference organization.

    • Jake Sebastian-Jones from Nordigen will give a talk “Data is not enough, you need information”.
      Having a lot of raw data by itself is meaningless – you need to extract information from the data. Banks and other financial institutions have a lot of data but surprisingly little information. This talk will explain how Nordigen uses transaction data to provide multiple tiers of information to financial service providers.
      (Language – English)
      Tags: fintech, big data, machine learning, credit scoring, banking, startup

      moved all they way from Australia to Riga take the role of Head of Development at Nordigen. He has a background in high-frequency trading at Optiver and audio/visual engineering at Dolby Laboratories.


  • Call for Papers is closing on Tuesday, 4.12. for the biggest front-end conference in the Baltics – FrontCon 2019! Submit your talk for a chance to be on stage and gain valuable experience as a speaker and a participant! The clock is ticking faster than you might be thinking, so submit yours now!


  • In 2019 Riga Dev Days is celebrating its 5th anniversary. Top speakers, 700 participants, grand afterparty. DevClub team will be there, so gather your friends & join.



  • ALSO Cloud Latvia keeps doing awesome stuff and looking for awesome people.


  • What are the two biggest days of the year in e-commerce? Right, it’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Intexsys is making sure that shopping is smooth on these days for literally millions of customers.
    If you want to participate, please apply for:
    PHP Developer
    – QA Engineer
    – PPC Specialist
    We promise – it will never be boring!


    • Thanks to our sponsors we are able to make events and have drinks and snacks:

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