Announcement of Java focused 71st


We wish you Happy New Year!
Lets start it with Java focused
You are welcome on January 24 at 18:30, Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda for Java focused 71st

      • Pijus Navickas from WIX will give a talk “First date with GraalVM”.
        Milda Glebauskaitė from WIX will give a talk “Breaking language barriers with GraalVMs polyglotism”.
        GraalVM – the newest JVM extension generated a lot of buzz in the industry,  already earning the trust of such industry giants as Twitter. The promises GraalVM gives definitely sound good: a better performance, as well as seamless interoperability between multiple languages, all running on the JVM. Should we be interested in it too? In this talk Pijus will explain, what exactly is GraalVM and what hides behind the scene and Milda will demonstrate GraalVM polyglotism, exploring weather we can actually create seamless applications, selecting the best programming language for our tasks, without the overhead.
        (Language – English)
        Tags: graal, jvm, java, javascript, polyglot

        Pijus is a software engineer at Wix. He is a polyglot developer with main background coming from JVM and C++ worlds.
        Milda started her career with Python, but quickly moved to Scala and NodeJs. Currently working as Software Engineer at Wix. She is interested in quality code, test-driven development. Owner of the cutest dog in Wix office.

      • Arturs Drozdovs from Intrum Global Technologies will give a talk The one and only way of designing Java applications”.
        There is no “one and only” way; each team has to choose the most suitable approach for their situation and project. What is common throughout all the teams is the need to make choices. In this talk we will look at the choices we’ve faced in our team, what options did we consider and what conclusions did we come to.
        (Language – English)
        Tags: fintech, java, boilerplate, architecture, frameworks, exceptions, packages

        Arturs is a software developer at Intrum Global Technologies. He has extensive experience splitting monolith projects into microservices, as such tightly interacting with architectural decisions on all levels of abstractions.

      • Olegs Anastasyevs from will give a talk “Resilience in Distributed Systems”. is the most popular social network in Russia and top 20 website in the world. And it is one of the largest, complex and highly loaded distributed system: 1000s of servers participate in user requests processing in real time. Each of these servers has only small part of data locally and implements only a fraction of processing logic. Social network can hardly be built using shared nothing architecture, so there is a lot of shared state, network communications happens between our servers, different in kind and widely varying in volume.
        In distributed system of such scale we can hardly find a single second free of some failure, glitch or lag. How to build a continuously failing system, which works correct nevertheless? What are full and partial failures and how to address them?
        What do idempotence and speculation mean? What should be implemented upfront to workaround outage of the large subsystem or “main” database? How to manage pre-production tests and release delivery?
        There are many hard questions in distributed systems development. In this talk I’m trying to give answers on them.
        (Language – Russian)
        Tags: resiliency, distributed, microservice architecture, highload

        Oleg is a principal engineer at Odnoklassniki (AKA He has rich experience building and operating distributed millions-opsec-loaded, resilient distributed storages and databases. Currently works on datacenter OS one-cloud project.

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