Announcing 22nd

2 year is on it's way! And to celebrate it we will have free beer and Kinect games!

Please take in mind that this time will be held at Microsoft Office (Zaļā iela 1).

This time on XXII

  • Andrey Grave will talk about "Specification by Example" (Language – Russian)
    "Specification by example is a collaborative approach to defining requirements as executable examples instead of abstract statements. It is applied in the context of agile software development methods. This talk will be introduction into "Specification by example" practice – what it is, how it can help and in which situations. I will describe theoretical aspects of "Specification by example" as well as describe how it can be applied in the web project using Cucumber tool." Tags: agile, collaboration, testing, automation

    Andrey Grave is passionate software developer with broad experience in all kind of organizations, projects and roles. He believes that software development is magic power of our time because as a software developer you can create anything from nothing. Currently he works as developer/business analyst/QA/operations in a startup called Buyerdeck and is involved in a project.

  • Janis Orlovs from KPMG Baltics will talk about "Dark Side of IT Operations" (Language – English)
    "Every day IT staff does the job of keeping infrastructures and application lights on, users happy and business rolling. But there is always tar drops in honey barrels, we as IT staff manage to make these tasks much more complicated and painful as it should be. I will share my previous experience when IT operations gone wild and wrong." Tags: professionalism, devops, best practices not implemented, IT operations

    Janis is a system administrator of a few years experience in fast moving financial services sector ecosystem companies.

  • Eduards Sizovs will talk about "Continuos Delivery" (Language – Russian)
    "In this talk Eduards will introduce Continuous Delivery – a practice of shipping software frequently and in small increments. You'll learn benefits of CD, how to introduce it in your company and why free food is over. You'll have a chance to discuss more advanced aspects of CD with Eduards just after the talk."
    Tags: Continuos Delivery, XP, Lean

    Eduards is software craftsman passionate about every aspect of software development. During his IT journey towards mastery he's been walking in programmer's, architect's, technical leader's and IT manager's shoes, attacking the most pressing issues of huge enterprises and cozy start-ups. Eduards strongly believes that mix of right attitude, mastery and vision can make software industry flourish. Eduards runs his small software consultancy house in Riga, actively contributes to open source projects, speaks on conferences and consults various teams around the world on technical and organisational aspects of software development.

C.T.Co is looking for experienced .Net Software Architect.

Gojko Adzic will be in Riga with Specification by Example training.

Accenture is inviting PHP Developer, Front-end Developer, Java Architect and .Net Developer.

Thanks to our sponsors: Devtraining, Accenture and

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DevConFu seeks volunteers is organizing 2nd DevConFu Conference on 28th-30th of May’14 in Jurmala and we’re looking for volunteers!

As a volunteer you would have to help out with some tasks and you could also come to the conference for free!

You would not have to participate in all days, you can choose what day suits you more.

We have one requirement to become a volunteer: quite good English skills.

If it’s interesting for you, please, apply by writing an e-mail to

Announcing 21st

This time on XXI

  • Indrek Sünter from Tartu Observatory will talk about “ESTCube-1 firmware upgrades and testing”
    (Language – English)
    Steps involved in ESTCube-1 firmware upgrades – from cross-platform development on PC to three stages of testing on satellite hardware.
    The talk highlights differences between the development of typical software vs. software for embedded systems.
    Tags: satellite, embedded, testing

    Indrek Sünter is an embedded software engineer and an electrical engineer in the Space Technology department of Tartu Observatory.
    He took part in the hardware design of ESTCube-1 command and data handling subsystem, currently he is developing software for the subsystem.
    He is also involved in the development of attitude determination and control software on-board ESTCube-1.

  • Karlis Berkolds from RTU Robotics club will talk about “LEGO Mindstorm robots” (20 min)
    (Language – Latvian)
    Brief introduction to LEGO Mindstorm robots: overview of hardware and software used in LEGO Mindstorm robots, possibilities and restrictions, demonstration of programming LEGO Mindstorm robots. What are the pros and cons of using LEGO Mindstorm sets compared to real robots and programming education.
    Tags: robotics, lego robots, education

    Karlis Berkolds is a member of RTU robotics club where he educates new robot builders, organizes workshops for students about robotics and works on his own projects. He is currently studying for a master’s degree in Intellectual robotic systems and works at Ogre technical college as Electronics teacher and leads a robotics hobby group.

  • Alla Babkina will talk about “Microeconomics for Engineering Decisions”
    (Language – English)
    Every day, many times a day, software engineers face the challenge of making choices that affect the quality of the end product they deliver. While all focus on optimizing their technical solutions at some point (this talk will not be about system optimization), few bother to make choices optimal from the business perspective. I will show some good ways to do that that come from college level microeconomics and some examples of how that works in practice.
    Tags: professionalism, solutions, architecture, agile

    Alla is a software engineer and analyst with 5 years of experience as a lawyer in banking and corporate finance and correspondent banking. She has experienced the ups and downs of software engineering from both the business/customer and engineer perspectives and believes that the best results come from carefully balancing the two points of view every single day.

Accenture is looking for Java Spring Evangelists and Ruby Developer.

C.T.Co is looking for professional System Analyst, please take a look!

Check out also DevConFu, conference that brings to you DevClub atmosphere on a bigger scale. Subscribe to our mailing list and win a Pebble Smart Watch (winner will be announced on 15th April). And Early Bird prices are available until 15th April.

Devtraining is having Agile Coaching training by David Hussman and Specification by Example by Gojko Adzic.

Thanks to our sponsors: Devtraining, Accenture, C.T.Co and JetBrains – we are able to make events.