Announcement of DevOps focused 31st


Have you ever wondered what DevOps is about? What these people do and most how they help you to succeed in infrastructure architecture?

For all answers come to the DevOps focused 31st which will be at 21st May 18:30 at Microsoft Latvia office (Zaļā iela 1)!

Agenda of DevOps focused

  • Andrey Adamovich from Aestas/IT will give a talk “Enterprise Flight into DevOps space
    Enterprise adoption of DevOps is something that is already happening, but like with other trendy methodologies it happens quite differently with different level of success. This presentation accumulates speaker`s experience in helping different size organizations to implement DevOps initiatives and gives interesting real life examples: war stories, jokes, myths.
    During last years we accumulated a lot of experience helping our clients automating their JVM projects starting from automated deployments and ending with fully automated production infrastructure configuration.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Enterprise, DevOps, Lean, Startup
    Andrey Adamovich is a software craftsman with many years of experience in different lifecycle phases of software creation. Andrey`s love is JVM ecosystem. In recent years, he tries to apply JVM goodness to DevOps initiatives his company is implementing for several clients. He is one of the authors of Groovy 2 Cookbook as well as frequent speaker at local communities and conferences.
  • Anton Kasperovich from AXIOMA will talk about “Automate everything with Ansible”
    I will share my experience how to grow from manual setup of each application, service or server to one command setup on multiple servers. I will tell about isolation for developer’s workspace, automatization and application deployment. This will be useful for developers regardless of platform or language.
    (Language – Russian)
    Tags: Ansible, Vagrant, DevOps, Deployment, Server provisioning

    Anton Kasperovich – 10 years experience of development, last year focused on DevOps, as a Senior Team Lead in company, helped implement automation on all stages.
  • Edgars Biezaitis from Accenture Latvia will give a talk “Docker. What`s all the buzz about Docker
    For some time all the talks have been about Docker and how hot the technology is right now, so let`s have a look what it`s all about. I will share my experience so far and the future holds for Docker.
    (Language – English)
    Tags: Docker

    Edgars Biezaitis – DevOps engineer. Working with tools like Docker, Puppet, Groovy, Gradle.
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