Announcement of Machine Learning focused 62nd


Machine Learning is booming but not so many has real life experience with it. Some time ago we had Computer Vision focused event, but this time we invited experienced guys to share their knowledge how Machine Learning can be applied to solve other real life problems.

Come on January 25th at 18:30 to Zaļā iela 1, 4th floor (Microsoft Latvia office).

Agenda of Machine Learning focused 62nd

      • Arturs Valujevs from Intrum Global Technologies will give a talk How to Succeed with Machine Learning.
        There is certainly a growing demand for incorporating machine learning solutions into various types of business. Yet, the knowledge base is not always keeping up with hype around this subject. Some reports [source: Global CIO Point of View] tell us that 9 out of 10 CIOs plan to use machine learning solutions to achieve certain goals in their companies. Yet only around 20% actually have something in production and only 5% use machine learning extensivelly. Why? There are quite a few reasons, and that’s what this talk is all about.

        (Language — English)
        Tags: Machine Learning, Data Science

        Arturs is a data scientist in Intrum Global Technologies, has experience in developing machine learning solutions ranging from scoring to automated self learning systems.

      • Dmitrijs Lvovs from Epistatica will share some experiences on machine learning in production, with down to earth, real life examples in his Machine Learning in Production + Case Studies presentation.
        Epistatica is a data science spin-off from VIA SMS R&D SERVICES, searching its niche in European markets.

        (Language — English)
        Tags: R, Machine Learning, Credit Risk, Marketing Analytics, Data Science

        Dmitrijs is head of credit risk with VIA SMS R&D SERVICES, a fintech company, and member of the board at Epistatica, holds a PhD from RAS Institute for Information Transmission Problems and analyzed data for over 12 years.

      • Raivis Skadiņš from Tilde will give a talk Artificial Intelligence and Bots.
        In this session, we will go through various aspects of Bot development. We will start with an introduction, where I will introduce Bots (sometimes called also virtual assistants or conversational interfaces), I will tell why they are so popular now and outline main benefits. I will explain main concepts behind this technology – dialog management, natural language understanding, intents, entities etc. Then I will show what tools and technologies are there and how a typical bot is built. Finally I will tell about current limitations and challenges to deal with. And I hope there will be time for questions, discussions and exchange of ideas. I believe you will get good insight into bot development and understanding how you could introduce Bots in your projects.

        (Language — Latvian)
        Tags: Bots, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

        Raivis  is the director of research and development at Tilde. He is leading development of Tilde’s language technology products – chatbots, virtual assistants, speech technologies, proofing tools, machine translation and others. Raivis has participated in several EU FP7 and Horizon 2020 research projects, currently involved in project QT21 (finding novel methods for machine translation) and several national research projects. His main research interest is machine translation, and he has received Dr. Comp. Sc. degree in 2012  and is the author and a co-author of more than 35 scientific publications.


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